Brand Manager

ARK Media for Brand Managers

We know you have to take your product from molecule to market and beyond. We value product strategy throughout each development stage and help you translate research into digital deliverables that ensure launch and lifecycle success, while providing essential tools for your team throughout the process. On budget and on time.

You need to move the needle for your product and our expertise in digital promotion will help you do just that. We make sure your story reaches the right audience with tools that you feel proud presenting. Because here at ARK Media, it really is all about you.

Times in Pharma are changing

  • Every day, brand teams are expected to do more with less
  • Less manpower = less budget — we get it!

ARK Media is here to help...

  • Attract and engage exhibit booth visitors and measure the results
  • Influence a formulary decision-maker with an impactful digital narrative
  • Enhance your branding efforts with animation, interactivity and targeted messaging

We also have changed

Ahead of our time, 15 years ago, we decided to have no walls, no expensive buildings to maintain, and thereby reduce our overhead costs.

Our "virtual environment" business model guarantees reduced costs of your deliverables, and also increased quaility; we seek and attract top-level talent because we are not limited to a specific location. The ARK Media team is a unique blend of strategists, designers, programmers and project leaders with years of experience in finding the most creative ways to inform and inspire your target audience.


Convention Manager

ARK Media for Conventions

We are determined to help you stand out in a crowd - crowded convention hall, that is. We pioneered the use of innovative technology to promote products with relevant messaging globally and in the U.S. We understand your story needs to fit a range of spaces and we pride ourselves in our ability to customize scalable programs that make your investment work harder.

No matter the size or scope of your convention efforts, our proprietary data collection and metrics system provides you with an understanding of not only who visited your booth, but also how they engaged. The best part? We understand that it takes a village and we coordinate all the moving parts so you don't have to. We know our way around a convention hall — and how to lead your customers to you.



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ARK Media's main office is conveniently equidistant to the NYC and Boston metropolitan areas, with satellite offices in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Boston.
USA: (888) 745-9100
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Hey Microbe, It's Not Me, It's You.

June 16, 2016

I have a confession to make. When my son was younger and had frequent ear infections, I asked my pediatrician for an antibiotic. Every time. It was like that line in Field of Dreams— "Ease his Pain" but it was also "Mommy needs Sleep". Other times I requested antibiotics "to be on the safe side" if my son was showing signs of an unconfirmed infection. One time I heard another mom talk about the dangers of too much antibiotic exposure. It never occurred to me that too much of antibiotic could be a negative thing — especially when my son was his happy self again...