Bringing Wockhardt’s Pipeline to Life through Intelligent Interactivity

The research arm of a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology organization approached us with the challenge of presenting, for the first time, their pipeline and company at an international congress. As pioneers in the digital healthcare arena, and with extensive experience in pipeline communications, ARK Media used its inventory of resources to immerse itself in the client’s research program, strategy, and messaging. Working in close partnership with the creative team at The Taylor Group, our goal was to create a cohesive story for the booth at ASM Microbe and develop a number of compelling, educational, entertaining, and interactive elements that would showcase Wockhardt Discovery and the important work they are doing in the antimicrobial and antibacterial space. The resulting digital campaign has won multiple 2016 industry awards.

Our work included:

  • A printed pipeline mural complemented by an interactive pipeline program, allowing users to explore the breadth of the company’s research program, and see mechanisms of action, areas of study, trials, 3D animations of pathogens, and high-definition imagery
  • An interactive quiz game for physicians to test their knowledge of pathogens and current treatments
  • An animated corporate presentation showcasing the company’s focus, contributions and trials
  • Complementary static panels and print pieces

Beyond the deliverables, ARK Media’s contribution included:

  • Working closely together with our exhibit company partner throughout the process to ensure cohesive deliverables and optimal client experience
  • Enabling the full integration of design, messaging, content, and technology
  • Providing full-service healthcare communications content development, in addition to technological implementation, as part of the exhibit experience
  • Delivering a series of engaging touch points, which resulted in the capture of over 1,100 leads for the client


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